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Mike Love

Master Coach/Consultant

As a media consultant, coaching and developing talent go hand and hand. I’ve been a fixture in the broadcast industry for over thirty years.

It all started with me working my way from the bottom of the business, interning at radio stations with demanding programming professionals to the very top with management executives leading Fortune 500 corporations.


Online Coaching

We can virtually set-up online sessions and training.

Coaching Online

Online development is an economical way to advise and develop talent.

Live seminars

We can visit radio facilities or conduct seminars during media conventions.


Coming Soon…our monthly podcast series for programming ideas and content development.

We’ve Inspired Hundreds of Broadcasters!

One may speculate that over the course of time we’ve all learned everything there is to be successful, but the truth is we’re just getting started!

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Lifetime Access

Career Progression is the key to having an lustrous career.  We never stop coaching. 

Weekly Lessons

You can set an appointment with us on a weekly basis for aircheck sessions or consulting.

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“These guys love radio and working with talent, they’ve been very good at navigating our success, and great friends to have in the business”.

Joel Ratliff

President/CEO, Ratliff Media

Meet the coaches...

Our coaches have collectively over 50 years of broadcasting experience.

Mike Love

Mike Love

Talent Coach

I work daily advising and consulting radio network management on the distribution of radio programs and, leading on-air talent to their greatest achievements is my life. 

Lori Mack

Lori Mack

Content Coach

I’ve done quite a bit of work in radio and television broadcasting, from co-hosting and producing morning shows on two of the Southeast’s largest urban radio stations (WPEG & WWDM), to being seen & heard nationally/internationally as a Westwood One news wire writer/correspondent on CNN’s Nancy Grace, and America In The Morning. Bohannon.

Ben Burnside

Ben Burnside

Imaging Coach

I’ve been responsible for over a billion dollars of revenue as a Production/Creative Services Director, Consultant, Audio Designer, and Composer. Having worked in the radio industry for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work at some of the world’s most respected call letters and, with some of the most influential persons in  radio.

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